FujiMAC Air Pumps are available for purchase

Fish Pond Products have FujiMac Air Pumps in stock, in various sizes, that are perfect for providing aeration to your pond. We have in stock the MAC40R, MAC80R, MAC150R and MAC200R.

FujiMac Air Pumps:

  • Provide long life operation. These air Pumps have minimized housing temperature rise so your pump has extended use. They are tested for endurance.
  • Are energy efficient. The efficiency of the pump means that it consumes less power and so it therefore costs less to run.
  • Are easy to maintain. No lubricant is needed for these pumps. The diaphragm assembly can be easily replaced with the purchase of a rebuild kit.
  • Have a simple structure. These pumps are Oil-less and have proven, strong durability.
  • Have quiet operation. These pumps have an established noise suppression mechanism to ensure quiet operation.