Preparing your pond for Winter

The phrase ‘Winter is Coming’ is now well known to many and to those who haven’t heard the phrase they must still be aware of the implications. You need to prepare for winter and this is certainly true for pond owners. If you live in an area where you expect to get temperatures cold enough to form ice on your pond you need to have a plan in place before the ice forms. You need to ensure that you still have a healthy and thriving pond once Spring arrives.
You may want to consider an air pump. This will introduce air into your pond therefore oxygenating it. An air pump will also create water circulation. This will be good for your pond life, plants, fish and beneficial bacteria. These all need oxygen to survive the winter months especially if your pond is covered in ice. An air pump will also keep a hole in the ice to let gases to escape from the pond.

The air pump sits outside of the pond so it will need to be insulated. If it is not insulated it could introduce too cold air into your pond water. If the air is too cold it could be harmful to pond life. You will need this pump to run throughout the winter to ensure that your pond stays healthy through the entire season. Therefore you might also wish to consider buying a rebuild kit so you can carry out maintenance on your pump without having to wait for parts to be delivered. Winter is certainly on its way!