What factors effect the amount of oxygen in my pond?

The amount of oxygen water can hold is dependent upon three main factors: atmospheric pressure, salinity and temperature. As altitude increases water can hold less oxygen. Pond owners in states such as Colorado need to be aware of this. Fresh water pond owners will not generally find salt content an important factor.

The most important factor is water temperature. As temperature increases, water can hold less oxygen. Most aeration problems occur from June through September. The reasons for this are that water can hold less oxygen as it becomes warmer. Plants and animals respiration rates increase with the warmer water, so more oxygen is used. Finally on cloudy or still days in summer the amount of oxygen that is produced reduces.

It is always essential for a pond to have sufficient aeration for it to thrive. Pond owners may want to consider adding an air pump to their pond. An air pump will ensure that a pond has sufficient aeration and circulation. Make sure that you have an air pump the correct size for your pond. The correct size pump will ensure that you have sufficient aeration.