Blue Diamond Air Pumps

Fish Pond Products has the Blue Diamond ET air pump range in stock and available for purchase. We have the ET40, ET60, ET80, ET100, ET120, ET150 and ET200 ready to be shipped. We also have the rebuild kits for pump maintenance.

Blue Diamond ET air pumps have green drive technology. Blue Diamond ET pumps have energy efficient motors that have low power consumption. This is ideal when you need your pump to be operating constantly to ensure the health of your pond life.

These pumps have a specially made diaphragm material to increase the life on your pump. They are also easy to service with a well priced rebuild kits. These pumps have no wearing parts so there is no reduction in performance due to general wear on parts.

Blue Diamond pumps are strong and have compact construction. They are also weatherproof.

The pumps are suited to intermittent or constant duty applications.

If you require an air pump for your pond go to our shop for more information. There is also information on other blogs about the benefits and uses for an air pump. You can buy a pump by following the below links or by going to our shop.