Your pond location effects its needs

We have been enduring temperatures hovering around freezing for around a month now in New England. It’s easy to forget that customers in the south have different requirements at this time of year for their ponds. Yes it’s cooler for them in their winter months but they have comparatively elevated temperatures than other more northerly states. Clearly your pond location can effect your pond’s needs. Therefore pond location also effects the course of action that you must take to keep it healthy.

When a customer in Florida ordered Microbe-Lift PL this week they may not only be getting organized but are actually using the product. Obviously their home and their pond location means that it is warmer for them. While we are expecting below freezing temperatures and snow at the end of the week southern states will be seeing temperatures in the mid 70s. Microbe-Lift PL can be used at temperatures exceeding 45 oF which unfortunately means it’s often too cold to apply in the north, even if your pond is ice free. However certainly in the south customers can take advantage of the benefits that Microbe-Lift PL can bring.

After the addition of Microbe-Lift PL a pond owner can expect to achieve:

  • Assured Water Quality

    (Clean, Clear and Non-Toxic)

  • Ammonia Control

    Stable Nitrification

  • Stable pH Control

    To eliminate Pond Crash

  • Reduction in Nitrate

    A Green Water Causing Nutrient

Microbe-Lift/ PL and Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II working together provide the only natural pond treatment program to cycle and balance your pond fast. They use safe, microbial, non-chemical biological processes. Therefore these naturally control and eliminate waste organic matter. They also enhance water quality and reduce and control toxic ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

It is easy to fall back into the stereotypes of seasons and expect ice and snow to dominate winter and therefore dictate the care that your pond receives in winter but of course this is not true everywhere so I will endeavor to remember that Fish Pond Products ships throughout the continental united states and so pond care and requirements will reflect this.