Can I have a natural pond without an air pump?

There are many reasons that people add ponds to their yards. Some people want to add a pond for beauty or interest. Maybe you want to drown out some traffic noise or city life. It could be that you want to attract wildlife to yard. Whatever the reason generally a pond owner wants their pond to be attractive and healthy. It is a rare pond owner that is looking to create a murky swamp land in their back yard. However if you look at nature and the many beautiful ponds and lakes that exist naturally you may wonder how that is possible without the expense of additional equipment such as an air pump. Could you recreate nature and have your beautiful natural pond without an air pump?

Often in a natural pond you have a source of running water. There may be a stream or spring flowing into the lake or pond. This provides a natural source of running water that adds oxygen and also helps to flush away nutrients or fish waste. In bodies of water that do not have this a natural balance has been created. This is between the levels of fish in the lake producing waste and an incredible wealth of plants and bacteria that help to remove the waste and maintain a balance.

You may choose to recreate this natural environment without using an air pump. To do this you would need to introduce a wide variety of pond plants. This balance may take a number of years to achieve, especially on a small pond.

However in most cases, the quantity of fish required and the number of plants installed does not lead to clear water. Where this balance has not been achieved you often see algae problems. The algae acts as a filter sucking up the excessive nutrients.

An air pump will ensure you provide your fish with the best quality of water to live in. It will provide your pond with a large supply of oxygen by constantly moving the water. In a perfect world you would have a stream coming into your yard that you could incorporate into your pond. This could negate the necessity of an air pump. Or you could find the magic balance of pond life however it is much more likely that the installation of an air pump will hugely benefit the looks and health of your pond.