What is beneficial bacteria?

Beneficial bacteria should be a regularly added item to any fish pond and/or garden pond. Even if the pond that you have added into your yard looks natural it was not naturally formed. Ponds in nature receive nutrients from the earth. Our ponds are cut off from the earth with a rubber pond liner.

Beneficial bacteria are essential in the garden pond. This is because they help provide pond clarity and improve the overall quality of pond water. They reduce pond fish waste and other organic matter. They convert ammonia into first nitrites and then into nitrates and are therefore an essential part of pond filtration. The nitrates are taken up by the pond plants. This cycle, known as the nitrogen cycle, makes beneficial bacteria essential to the health and well being of your pond. It also helps reduce problem nutrients that algae feed on and thrive with such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

New ponds, freshly cleaned ponds, or ponds with new pond filters can experience severe water clarity and water quality problems from high nitrites and ammonia resulting in fish loss. Using Microbe Lift PL, and Microbe Lift Nite Out II in these types of situations ensures the restoration of the nitrogen cycle in as little as 24 hours.

Mircobe Lift PL is 100% natural and safe for all plants, animals and fish. The beneficial bacteria it introduces controls and eliminates waste organic matter, enhances water quality and reduces and controls toxic ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. It promotes clear and clean water.  A must for any pond.