Wildlife and my Pond

You may want to encourage wildlife to your pond. You may also want to discourage ‘undesirable’ wildlife to your pond. However you will find that a pond will attract wildlife of all kinds. Although it doesn’t attract wildlife to your neighborhood that it did not have before. If you see a snake, raccoon, possum, deer or anything else, it was in your area already. Mostly, ponds attract frogs, insects like dragonflies and birds.

Of course you may not want to encourage some insects, namely mosquitos. You will, however, find that fish will eat mosquito lave. Also dragonfly nymphs will eat mosquitos at all stages of development. Having an air pump will also discourage mosquitos because they need still water to lay eggs. An air pump creates water movement.

Having created your pond and started attracting some wildlife you will find that many come to your pond for drinking water. Therefore you do not want to introduce chemicals that while they may improve water quality will harm living creatures. A small animal graveyard complete with dead birds and insects is not often the look that a pond owner is trying to create. Using a products such a Microbe-Lift/ PL and Microbe-Lift/ Nite Out II you will improve the quality of water. They use a safe microbial, non-chemical biological process which naturally controls and eliminates waste organic matter. Microbe-Lift/ PL and Microbe-Lift/ Nite Out II enhance water quality and reduce and control toxic ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Microbe-Lift/ PL and Microbe/Lift Nite Out II working together are the only natural pond treatment program to cycle and balance your pond fast.

So if you want a healthy, attractive pond that also attracts wildlife you may want to consider an air pump. Also use products that use a natural process and are safe for animals to drink such as Microbe-Lift/ PL and Microbe/Lift Nite Out II.