Beneficial Bacteria in my pond and the cold

It’s probably getting colder where you live (if you are up in the northern hemisphere!). I’ve mentioned before that beneficial bacteria are essential to the well-being of your pond but can they live through a cold winter?

I know that two of the additive products that I use should not be used below 45oF (Microbe-Lift PL) and 50oF (Nite-Out II). However the other product that I use in conjunction with these is Microbe-Lift Sludge Away (SA) which can be used effectively at any temperature year-round, although again it works faster at warmer temperatures. These products introduce microbes and beneficial bacteria to ponds to speed up the removal of organic waste naturally. Therefore I wonder if there are temperature concerns for these bacteria?

Well it seems that though the colder winter water temperatures may slightly reduce the population of beneficial bacteria. It will also slow their biological activity but the majority will survive the winter. In fact, nitrifying bacteria continue to process organic material throughout the winter. Seasonal or cold water bacteria products such as those above do remain active in cold water. By adding Microbe-Lift products during autumn, the population of beneficial bacteria is fortified and conditions the pond for the coming spring. So although you may not want to introduce some additive products in cold weather and if you do their productivity and speed may be reduced the bacteria will not completely die out which is good news for pond owners who want a healthy and attractive pond!