Microbe-Lift/Nite-Out II 32 Fl Oz. Now Available

Its finally getting a bit warmer and while I’m not quite ready to pack away my snow boots and get out my flip flops it does feel like spring might be around the corner, if not quite here yet!

Pond owners need to start to thinking about spring and what needs to be done to ensure the health of their pond moving into the next season. You might want to stock up on your next season of pond additive and certainly Microbe-Lift SA would be beneficial to your pond, especially now when your water is warming up.

The snow and ice are melting so pond owners can get a better look at the water in your pond finally now that it is not covered in snow and ice.  Hopefully you had measures in place to ensure that your pond was oxygenated over the winter and gas transfer could take place. However no matter how much preparation you did for winter your pond is probably in less than pristine condition. There is likely muck and sludge at the bottom of your pond that can be taken out manually. However now is also a great time to use pond additives such as Microbe-Lift SA (Sludge Away) which will help solubilize organic sludge when you have excessive sludge build up at the bottom of your pond. It is especially useful for a rock bottom pond where manual cleaning is less convenient. It is organic and microbial based and has 100 % natural ingredients. It will help improve your pond clarity and it can naturally breakdown 3inches of sludge in as little as 4 weeks. Start your pond additive schedule as soon as possible and maintain it throughout the year to keep your water and therefore pond life healthy and attractive.