Beneficial Bacteria -it’s all in the name!

Within your pond there are two different types of bacteria to focus on; aerobic or beneficial bacteria and anaerobic. Your anaerobic bacteria are those that exist in areas of your pond that lack oxygen. These bacteria work slowly to digest organic debris and release a smelly gas as a byproduct. Aerobic bacteria thrive in oxygen rich environments and digest debris at an accelerated rate in comparison to the anaerobic bacteria that results in the expulsion of an odorless gas. In a pond with little to no aeration you would expect to find aerobic bacteria near the surface where there is a higher level of dissolved oxygen and a lot more anaerobic bacteria at the bottom of the pond where there is a very low amount, if any, oxygen. Due to the fact that these anaerobic bacteria are slow to digest debris sludge builds up at the bottom of the pond made up of any leaves, plants, and fish waste.

A pond owner will want to ensure that they have a healthy population of aerobic beneficial bacteria which control and eliminate ae organic matter and enhance water quality. The introduction of Microbe-Lift/ PL would speed the removal of all organic matter by adding a select group of microbes that increase the rate of organic breakdown in your pond. You will also need to ensure that you have sufficient aeration so you keep those beneficial bacteria healthy and don’t create an environment conductive to anaerobic bacteria. An air pump would certainly do this for you.

Therefore use nature to your advantage to keep your pond healthy and attractive by introducing aerobic beneficial bacteria and aeration to your pond. An air pump and Microbe-Lift PL will certainly be ‘beneficial’ introductions to your pond!