Can you have too much beneficial bacteria?

If you are looking to boost your pond after the winter or have just done a clean-out of your pond and need to introduce beneficial bacteria to your pond Microbe-Lift/ PL is a good place to start. Beneficial bacteria is a useful tool to create a balanced ecosystem within your pond. They are instrumental in keeping a pond clean and balanced. These bacteria will consume the excess nutrients in your pond, converting it into a harmless gas.

You may think that if you want your pond to get clean and clear quickly putting in extra bacteria would help. It is true that plants and fish will generally be safe if too much beneficial bacteria is added but you may see problems arise. Like fish and other aquatic organisms, good bacteria need oxygen. If they are consuming all of your excess sludge and organic buildup you may find that they are also depleting the oxygen levels in your pond. Low oxygen levels in your pond will become harmful to your fish and other pond life. If there is insufficient oxygen you could also see an increase in anaerobic bacteria which are not the beneficial bacteria that are desirable in your pond. If you have too many bacteria and not enough resources for beneficial bacteria to consume you will find that your bacteria levels could drop as they haven’t the food content to maintain a healthy level of bacteria which would also be a concern.

It is always a good idea to use the doses listed on the product labels for regular maintenance. Additive manufacturers want you to continue to use their product so they research how much to add for optimum results. Ecological Laboratories who are the basic manufacturer of Microbe-Lift/ PL have been providing aquatic solutions since 1976 so have many years research and experience to accurately determine the dose that should be added to your pond for optimum results. However if you want your bacteria to remain healthy and be ‘beneficial’ you will also want an air pump for your pond to ensure that you have sufficient aeration. Adding aeration will not only make a great addition for the summer when your bacteria are active, but it will also help keep a hole open in the ice during winter.