Is a reliable air pump necessary for my pond?

A pond owner is likely to have a relatively high pond life content within their garden pond. This is in contrast to ‘natural’ ponds, so you will need to provide some additional help to your pond that most ‘wild’ ponds do not need. Natural ponds manage this by balancing their size to pond life content but most pond owners want more fish and plants that a pond could, perhaps, naturally have and survive and thrive. A natural pond will also often have a flowing water source that provides constant water movement. Unfortunately most garden pond owners do not have this benefit for their ponds either. Therefore a reliable air pump is a good option.

To enable your pond to be attractive and for your pond life to thrive you need to provide aeration to your pond. All life needs oxygen so in a pond with insufficient oxygen fish and other pond life will suffer. An air pump will introduce oxygen to your pond and create water movement so that the oxygen circulates.

The added aeration for your pond is clearly necessary for fish and other pond life. It is also necessary to support your beneficial bacteria which boost your water quality. Aeration will also help maintain a hole in the ice during winter which enables gas exchange to still take place. Therefore you really want your air pump to run constantly throughout the year so your pond always benefits from the aeration and oxygen that it provides.

You will want a reliable air pump that has longevity. We have found that FujiMAC air pumps are extremely reliable. The key to longevity of diaphragm pumps is the operating temperature. FujiMAC pumps operate much cooler than other pumps. Therefore these air pumps will operate longer without issues.

An air pump will certainly benefit your pond. We would recommend that you purchase an air pump that will last and be reliable because it needs to run constantly.