Oxygen in your pond

Oxygen is essential for your pond. It prevents your pond turning into a stagnant, smelly, swamp where nothing will grow and thrive except algae and mosquitos. The main ways to introduce oxygen to your pond are from the surface, which is why keeping a hole in the ice during the winter is necessary, and also by mixing with water movement. An air pump will provide aeration that supports both surface aeration and air movement.

Pond Sludge

It’s Fall and the leaves are all turning beautiful shades of Gold, Orange and Red and while they are gorgeous in the trees they are not as attractive when turning into sludge at the bottom of your Pond. Beneficial natural bacteria breakdown this sludge but at lower temperatures they cease to work. Microbe-Lift Sludge Away works faster in warm water temperatures but can still be used effectively year round to reduce the sludge at the bottom of your pond to keep it healthy and attractive through the colder months. To purchase Mircobe-Lift S/A please see our store.


Fish Pond Products ships all products, excluding additives, free to the continental US. For shipping costs to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska please contact us. We ship by ground carrier and most orders will arrive in 6 – 10 business days. For faster delivery please contact us.

Winter and Aeration for your Pond

As we move into Fall and the colder weather it is time to ensure that your pond has sufficient aeration. Although your garden may be ‘sleeping’ through the colder months your pond still needs sufficient oxygen to remain healthy. An air pump will ensure that water keeps moving in your pond and will therefore resist freezing. Keep your pump in an insulated chamber (outside of the water) or inside to prevent the pond being hyper cooled by too cold air. Keeping a section of your pond open and not frozen will assist in aeration and degassing.

How many Gallons of Water are in your Pond?

The most important information you should know about your pond is the number of gallons of water it holds. Your pump size and water treatments are based on this number.  You can use the following calculations to determine how much water is in your pond.

There are 7.48 gallons of water per cubic foot.

To figure gallons in your pond: (All measurements are in feet)

Rectangular pond: Length x Width x Depth x 7.48 = Gallons in your Pond

Round Pond: 3.14 x r2 x Depth x 7.48 = Gallons in your Pond 

r2 = Radius x Radius (Half pond diameter times itself)

Natural Ponds: Length x Width x .8 x Depth x 7.5 = Gallons  (.8 compensates for lack of corners. Use .85 for ponds 400 plus square feet)


Fish Pond Products will supply Ecological Microbe-Lift products to customers in the United States. These pond additives ensure you will have a clean, clear and healthy pond using safe, naturally occurring biological processes.

Air Pumps

Fish Pond Products will supply quality Air Pumps to customers in the United States. Our FujiMAC Air Pumps, Blue Diamond Pumps and HiBlow Pumps provide quality, efficient and long life air for your aquatic needs. We can also supply rebuild kits to ensure that your pump continues to operate for many years without you having to replace the entire unit.

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