HiBlow HP air pumps available

HiBlow Air Pumps

We have HiBlow air pumps in stock. We have the HP-40 and HP-80 available for purchase.

These pumps are designed to provide long term service.  HP pumps provide clean, oil-free flow, long life, low noise, low power consumption, low vibration and low starting current. HiBlow HP pumps are equipped with thermal overload protection.

The HP-40’s statistics are as follows:

Max Flow: 2.8 cfm

Max Cont. Operating Pressure: 2.9 psi

Power Consumption: 38 (Watts)

Noise-Level: 32 (dba@1m.)

Weight: 12.5 lbs

The HP-80’s statistics are as follows:

Max Flow: 4.2 cfm

Max Cont. Operating Pressure: 3.6 psi

Power Consumption: 71 (Watts)

Noise-Level: 36 (dba@1m.)

Weight: 15.4 lbs

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Air Pumps

Fish Pond Products has just taken delivery of a large number of air pumps. If you require an air pump at a competitive price please check our store. We have multiple Fuji Mac, HiBlow and Blue Diamond pumps available at different sizes for immediate shipping.