Wildlife and my Pond

Cooler Fall tempretures are here bringing ice to our ponds

It seems to have taken a while but Fall temperatures are finally dropping. Temperatures are now down to the expected levels for this time of year. With this colder weather we are now seeing frost and the formation of ice on our ponds.

Before ice becomes an issue for your pond it is a good idea to have a plan for keeping a hole in the ice on your pond all Fall and Winter. This will give the build up of unwanted gas in your pond a way to escape.

An air pump is an excellent way of keeping a hole in the ice on your pond. The movement of water stops your pond from completely freezing over. It is also a much less stressful way of making a hole that using boiling water or brute force which may harm your fish. Ensure that the air pump has an insulated housing so air that is pumped into the pond is dry and not freezing. This will also provide protection for your pump and can be decorative also.

It is best to plan ahead because Winter is on its way and we want to ensure that our Fish and other pond life thrive and come to no harm.